Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday ~ Bringing you something new this week. ;)

Hi friends, welcome back to my page.  I had a great trip to Florida with the kids last week.  I absolutely loved it there, hopefully one day I will move south and when I do, the Orlando area is definitely somewhere that I have in mind.  🙂

Anyhow, welcome back to my fabulous web page.  A place where writers come to converse with one another and I use as my magical doorway to step into my writing friends imaginary worlds for WEEKEND WRITING WARRIORS!  (Did you read that with a wrestling announcers voice?  That’s what I was going for.)

Wondering who we are?  I’m glad you asked.

~We are a fabulous group of individuals that posts 8-10 sentences on their blogs from a published or unpublished book. Then we “hop” around and leave comments on each other’s snippets.  We welcome EVERYONE’s comments.~

Here’s my bit, let me know what you think.  😉   This one is something new I’m working on for Christmas, I figured I’d give Esperanza a break for a few weeks.


I remember growing up, the only thing I wanted for Christmas was an Easy Bake oven.  Year after year, I begged my parents for one and year after year when my sister Tatiana and I opened new sweaters or school clothes instead of the toys that we had begged my father and mother for.  To make up for our disappointment my mother always snuck a baggie under our pillows with handmade jewelry to make us feel better after my father left for work.  For myself this never helped the situation seeing as my sister who resembled my mother was always given the shinier and prettier jewelry while I received bits and scraps of whatever pieces my mother had left over from her projects.

I remember Tatiana waking up and sitting up on the side of her bed as she admired the jewelry and my mother caressing her long black hair and of course feeling jealous of the bond they shared.  I was always jealous of my mother and her relationship, but never once dared tell her anything about what I was feeling.  I knew my mother didn’t do it on purpose and I knew how badly it would hurt her if she ever thought she was making either of us jealous.  Besides this, I knew Christmas was a time for celebration and for being around the little family we had in the United States, that being only the four of us.

My father always told both Tatiana and I that Christmas was glorified by our nation’s traditions and that everyone who celebrated with extravagant gifts had forgotten the true meaning of Christmas and while I cried and whined about not getting the toy I wanted, Tatiana was accepting and always seemed happy with whatever he chose to give us and I hated her for it.


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13 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday ~ Bringing you something new this week. ;)

  1. Kim Magennis says:

    You set the tone here so intimately. It feels as if you are confiding in just me😊 thank you for sharing

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  2. chellecordero says:

    This sounds like an excellent theme for a Christmas story. Learning appreciation for what we have… Great snippet.
    The only thing I’d re-edit (probably sounds confusing after editing to fit?) is this line: “Year after year, I begged my parents for one and year after year when my sister Tatiana and I opened new sweaters or school clothes instead of the toys that we had begged my father and mother for.” The use of the word WHEN sounds like part of the thought was missing.

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  3. Ed Hoornaert says:

    I remember being jealous of the toy cars my cousins got, because theirs were better than mine.

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  4. Aw, it’s hard not to get what you want for Christmas. You’ve really captured a sad side of childhood here. Especially the mother’s favoritism. 😦

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  5. Great start to the story. You’ve touched on a couple of themes that so many readers will relate to. I hope she finds reconciliation for her feelings about her sister and her mom.

    And I wanted an EZBake oven so bad when I was about 10 years old. (Holy cow–that’s almost 46 years ago!) I have 7 siblings, and money was extra tight that year. My dad had been in a serious accident. My mom sat me down and explained that the money just wasn’t there. If I wanted it, she’d find a way, but if I thought I could live without one, it’d be okay if I used the real oven in the kitchen. I opted for not having my mom feel bad about, or straining to find the money, and chose using the real oven. The next day I made my first batch of cookies–and the rest is history. If I must say so myself, there’s nothing I can’t bake. 🙂

    Thanks for the memory…

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  6. Intimate and lovely. Keep going.

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  7. Lorien Lyn says:

    Great tension setup. I’m looking forward to the holiday too. 🙂

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  8. Interesting beginning, raises all sorts of questions that will keep a reader reading, which is great!


  9. It’s hard to have a ‘perfect’ sibling, but once you get a little older, you usually realize things weren’t so perfect for them. Hopefully she gets there!

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  10. Fabulous piece and so true to life.

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