Special Thanks -“Ad Swaps”

I Appreciate You!

I would like to thank Glen Flora Dental in Waukegan, Illinois for allowing me to leave sample copies of my books in their office .  I greatly appreciate their “hospitality.”

For those interested in finding a new dentist, Glen Flora Dental accepts all types of insurance, including the Medical Card and all of the new programs assigned to it.  For more information on appointments, please call Glen Flora Dental at 847-623-0399 Monday-Friday or click here for their website.

Interested in doing an Ad Swap with me?

***I always have room for more “Sponsors,”  if your company is willing to put a copy of my book on display or pass out flyers for me, please contact me and I will get them out to you. Once you have received them email me a picture of the display in your business location and I will add you to my “Ad Swap List.”***

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