Amazing Authors- Interview With Charmaine Gordon, Author of “Help Wanted”

Welcome, I’m Neva Squires-Rodriguez, Author of the Liliana Series.  Book 1 is a Contemporary Romantic Suspense that will send you into an Emotional Overload.  Read Liliana now and let me know what you think.  **Also coming soon is an amazing Christmas book, guaranteed to make your heart melt.  Some of my Weekend Writing Warrior friends have been following along, in this exciting new story.  I was blessed by the first opportunity to write with my “ABFF” for the first time ever-I can guarantee you it won’t be a last for us.  Check back in following weeks for more information.

Now, let’s get down to business.  Friends, if you know me, you know that I love to write about Chicagoans.  When I met Charmaine Gordon, Author with Vanilla Heart Publishing, I was delighted to find that she was originally from Chicago.  Now living on the East Coast, Charmaine is more into small town life and that is actually one of the unique things about her new “Rivers Edge Series.”  In reading her books, I’ve found that I love the way Charmaine provides her readers with relatable characters and situations.  Why don’t we read more and then you can let me know what you think…

Author Interview

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Where do you currently reside?

After growing up in Chicago and moving wherever the Air Force sent us, we settled in Rockland County, NY in the town of Pearl River, the largest Irish enclave outside of Ireland. It has that hometown feeling where neighbors look after each other like the good old days when you never had to lock your door if you can imagine such a wonderful innocent time.

 What are your hobbies?

I used to garden and build stone patios. Back trouble set in. Big ouchie so I forced myself to calm down, not an easy task. I also did full-time pottery with a wheel until creative juices went wild and I turned to acting. No longer a hobby as in community theater. Now it was real. A job. Show business. A real business complete with unions and insurance.

Tell us about your current release.

 Help Wanted is the title. It’s the second book in the River’s Edge Series. Actually book 3 but that will be announced before too long.

River’s Edge, where the town motto is Kindness to Strangers, is a small town with big heart, and stories to tell that will warm your heart, make you smile, and turn a dreary day into a day of hope for the Kindness of Strangers…

 Book 2

Help Wanted

by Charmaine Gordon

 Steve and Sally Atwood have some big adjustments to make when they move to River’s Edge. Steve has lost his career in the corporate world and finds work painting houses. Sally flings off her apron and pursues her lifelong dream to be a reporter in the small town with a big heart, where the motto is ‘Kindness to Strangers’.

 Afraid he is losing Sally to a more exciting world, Steve panics, but despite Sally’s lecherous new boss, together they rediscover all the love of their thirty-five years together and the excitement that brings.






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What inspired you to write your story?

Once I typed The End to Housebroken , Book 1 in the River’s Edge series, I knew the main characters had much more growth ahead of them. Two days later I began to write and the story blossomed. Then a call from my good friend Judy Audevard, director of Hudson Valley Paws for a Cause started me thinking about the therapy dogs and all they do to comfort recovering wounded veteran’s at West Point. Chapter 11 is devoted to tat. It takes place at the veteran’s hospital in River’s Edge The story told that day is taped for cable television and leads to a major break for Sally where she includes her husband Steve in the process.
What was the scariest moment of your life?

Picture this. In the delivery room where I was giving birth to my last child, number six after five boys. The doctor said it’s a girl. Joy after the dreadful months. Then to the recovery room. I heard women talking about husbands in Vietnam and then I was choking. Pain in my belly. I tried calling for the nurses ;no one came. Until a distant voice said she’s hemmoraging. Much later my doctor’s voice said we’er doing everything we can. Surgery to pack the bleeding. Oxygen mask and I’m choking, vomiting and no one pays attention. Only me as I watch from above the frantic working over my body. I didn’t care drifting away down the corridor of light almost home when my inside voice says, you can’t die and leave Bud with all the boys and a new baby. Four days later I woke from a coma. The nurse said meet your baby girl. Too weak to touch her, I smiled, asked for a phone. Call my husband please. When he heard my voice, he cried. Near death experience. Scary. Very scary.
What family members are closest to you and how have they supported your writing career?

Husband leaves me to my madness as long as dinner is on the table. He likes non-fiction. What I write doesn’t interest him. But he’s a sweetie. Daughter is proud of me as is my youngest granddaughter who always introduces me as Granny who writes books.

What was your favorite book growing up?

I so loved the forbidden Forever Amber to be read under the covers with a flashlight. Naught teen.

Shakespeare’s plays are still my favorite.

(Side note-I love Shakespeare also Charmaine, although it took me a long time to understand him…”King Lear” is my favorite.)
What is the craziest thing that you have ever done in your life? 

 Have too many kids. Case closed.

What writers have most inspired you?

 I love John Sandford, Susan Isaacs and Elmore Leonard and I’ll never forget Robert B. Parker.

What was the most unexpected thing that happened after your latest book hit the presses.

 Help Wanted is a story people relate to .They are attracted to the small town of River’s Edge. I’m thrilled to bring a touch of hometown U.S.A. to the reading public.




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