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A Spooktacular Deal from AllRomance Ebooks!

*Check this great deal out!All e-books 50%off today OCTOBER 31st ONLY. Including my book, “Liliana”, which is Mind-blowing! ūüėČ

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The Angie/AMB Ovation Awards nomination announcement

Originally posted on Tamara Philip, Author:
I’ve been announced as a finalist for ¬†Outstanding Debut Author of Interracial Romance 2015 ¬†in the¬† The Angie Ovation Awards The Outstanding Debut Author Awards recognize an AA/IR/Multicultural romance author who has demonstrated strong…

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What measures does Goodreads put into place, to protect the dignity of its authors?¬† Apparently none.¬† That’s why publishers often warn writers¬†not to¬†follow Goodreads, because it can be devastating!¬† Thank goodness as a new author, I made other author friends … Continue reading

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#8Sunday with the Weekend Writing Warriors #mretweettrain

Good day everyone!¬† Aren’t you excited it’s another Sunday morning post (mine is a little early).¬†¬† Over the past few weeks I have come to know quite a few of you and am thoroughly enjoying reading all of your posts.¬† … Continue reading

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“The Manipulator”, a Chicago native. Get to know Steve Lundin!

¬† First a bit about the book The Manipulator is a satirical techno-noir business thriller about advertising, greed, and the out-of-control edge of a media addicted culture. It’s a darkly humorous and prophetic look at the evil twins of marketing … Continue reading

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#MondayBlogs – Best Show Ever! @SixFlagsGM

Hi Monday Bloggers.¬† I am doing something a little different this week.¬† I am a big fan of the Halloween Season, number one and number two, this is really the best show ever!¬† ūüėȬ† This week, I have to write … Continue reading

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Moms are the Best

Check out my beautiful mother, holding a copy of my book!¬† Moms are the best.¬† My mom has been walking around her neighborhood, talking to all the store owners, the principal at my elementary and high school, and her local … Continue reading

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Weekend Writing Warriors, Something new! :) #8SUNDAY

If you’re new to our hop please check out my post as well as all of the other fabulous writers by clicking on the link below. Hello again friends.¬† I’m going to shake it up a little this week.¬† … Continue reading

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5 Things a New Author Can Expect #MondayBlogs

1)¬† Many of your family friends and family members will begin to ask either a) how much you’re getting paid to write¬†or b) if you’re rich. (Yes apparently anyone who has a published book is rolling in dough.¬† —So not … Continue reading

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Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday

Hello Friends, today I’m super excited because I received the paperback copy of my book!¬†(See picture below) ¬†Yey!¬† For this weeks post, I’m sharing a snippet from book 2, which has yet to be released.¬† Something very serious has happened, … Continue reading

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