#MondayBlogs – Best Show Ever! @SixFlagsGM

Hi Monday Bloggers.  I am doing something a little different this week.  I am a big fan of the Halloween Season, number one and number two, this is really the best show ever!  😉  This week, I have to write about the best show Six Flags Great America has had all year-probably the best in the last several years!

The show titled, “Love At First Fright” is a musical.   The show itself has been repeated year after year, however the script is edited to touch on songs of the year as well as jokes that have to do with recent social media events.  (I love the death is no longer a pre-existing condition joke-outstanding Six Flags Writers.)  Many of the songs the cast performs have to do with the Halloween season, such as “Thriller”, “The Monster Mash,” as well as with the characters themselves such as, “Devil with The Blue Dress” and “Little Red Riding Hood.”  The writer’s really outdid themselves this year,  the show is  “electrifying.”  The cast must practice for hours on end to get some of their moves down.  There are several instances where one cast member lifts another in the air and never once have I noticed any mess-ups in their performance.

This years cast is by far the best I’ve seen in the last few years.  Some of the cast members look to be the same as the ones that were there last year, but some of the faces are new. Either way it is obvious how well the cast works together, they really seem to click and that makes it fun for the entire audience to watch.  I’m not certain how professional these guys are, but every last one of them should be cast for a play on Broadway.  Even better after the show the cast splits up so that the audience can talk to them or take pictures with them, so as not to overcrowd one cast member and also to give an opportunity to more members of the audience-who love them so much!

As for me, I take my kids to see the show just about every weekend during the “Halloween Season.”  This past weekend we even went twice in one day.  It’s just that good folks.  The most amazing thing about this show is that I have never noticed anyone leaving disappointed, the audience is smiling throughout pretty much the whole show, and the line to get into each performance is always massive, but well worth the wait.  Major bonus here is that there’s enough seats for everyone in line and there’s even a priority Season Pass holder line that gets you in the door fifteen minutes earlier than the rest of the crowd.   (Pretty much everyone in the park has a season pass however, because the passes are such a reasonable price and include access to the attractions water park during the summer months.)

Drop what you’re doing and get to Gurnee, Illinois this weekend to see the show.  Just kidding!  If you are within driving distance or planning to visit the area in the next couple weeks, you really need to check out this show.  I’m including some pictures taken from my cell phone for your enjoyment, if you can’t make it to see the show.  Not top quality pics, but you get my drift.  The two short kids with the ghost are actually mine, they are not in the show, they just enjoy wearing costumes to the park.  😉   Thanks for stopping by, see you next Monday.  🙂

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