Short Post Today

Just a short blog post today.  Tuesdays are always super busy at work, plus I had to walk away from my desk at lunch time today because I think people are starting to think I’m nuts, sitting there at lunch time and blogging away while munching on my sandwich.  (Perhaps they’re right, I enjoy writing.  That is a little crazy isn’t it?)

I’m at home now and since the children are around, I’d just have to say that I am really disgusted with the things that I am hearing on the news today!  For example, I just heard the story about the woman who bit, (yes “bit”) into her 16 week old baby.  What is wrong with people?  I don’t want to get into all of the gory details, but what disgusted me even further was hearing that she only received a $250,000 bond and was ordered not to be around children?  Yes that is a question mark that I am adding at the end of that sentence, because I am totally baffled as to number one, what is wrong with people these days and why in the world the court system didn’t go a little further and immediately sentence her?  How are they going to keep her away from all of the children in the world? 

Maybe the woman should be ordered to wear a muzzle.  Is there a company that makes permanent muzzles for adults?  Ugh, this is horrifying to me.  I can’t even begin to imagine what she was thinking.  Is it possible that she was possessed by a demonic force?  It scares me to think that there are people in the world that think this way and who can’t control their own actions.  Let’s pray for the baby and its recovery. 

Wouldn’t you agree in thinking that this crime should have been dealt with differently?  Share your thoughts here?  If you don’t, I’ll just assume you agree with me.   Have a great night and give those close to you a hug!

About nevasquiresrodriguez

Neva Squires-Rodriguez was born and raised in a neighborhood located on the North Side of Chicago. Mother, Wife, Expert at Multitasking... and now, Author and Columnist for Reflejos Newspaper, Neva creates electrifying stories with a twist. Neva Squires-Rodriguez earned her Masters Degree from National University, a feat which she worked very hard to obtain and says she will work even harder to pay off. She claims to be a typical American, full of dreams that will hopefully get her to a more comfortable lifestyle one day. She says, “God has a plan and I will follow wherever it is that He takes me.”
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